MGM S.A. is a partner of leading IT manufacturers and one of the fastest growing IT companies in Poland. The company came into being in 2006 rapidly developing year after year and constantly receiving trading and business awards.

We specialise in trading microprocessors and computer components, but with the constantly growing product portfolio and trade contacts, we are able to meet almost any customer need to the IT products (processors, memory, hard drives, motherboards, monitors, printers, digital cameras, and many others...). Our experienced team of professionals with several years of experience in the industry and excellent market knowledge is able to offer you flexible solutions and products that will fully meet your current needs.

MGM S.A. is an authorised partner of the biggest IT and CE technology products manufacturers like ADATA, AMD, ASUS, CANON, CRUCIAL, GIGABYTE, HGST, HP, INTEL, KINGSTON, LACIE, LENOVO, LG, MICROSOFT, SAMSUNG, SANDISK, SEAGATE, SONY, TOSHIBA, VERBATIM, WD.

Thanks to an innovative, multi-currency transaction system MGM S.A. provides you with a very stable and favourable pricing policy; furthermore, a direct cooperation with manufacturers allows us to offer products at the best possible prices. The excellent market knowledge and flexibility put us one step ahead of the competition. We develop our business with the ambition to secure a satisfying profitability for all our partners within the business channel.
We are looking forward to doing business with you!

The company history


The company’s offer had been extended with A4Tech and Dell audio products and computer accessories. The MGM now hires more than 50 people. 



As a result of growing sales MGM company had improved its logistic capability and extended the warehouse to 2000 square metres. The offer of the company had been extended with gaming products like consoles and accessories by Sony and Microsoft along with products by audio companies (Brainwavz, Fiio, Nuforce, Sennheiser, Superlux, AKG).
SSD disks had been broadened by Samsung, Kingston, SanDisk and Intel. 
The MGM becomes a member of the Business Center Club, the prestige club of traders and businessmen and the biggest organisation of individual employers in the country. The copartnership has become one of 2500 members which represent 250 cities in Poland and focus on 24 regional lodges in BCC. MGM S.A. had been invited to Business Club Centre as an upright and reliable company which sticks to commercial ethics and acceptance of BCC’s codex.


The MGM company grows sales in more countries and as a result of dynamic growth, archives record income and profit from sales. The income of the company is over 100 mln euro at the end of the year. 



The copartnership continues to broaden the offer and enters LG and Toshiba products to sale.


The MGM enters HGST products to its offer. 



The company changes its main office and widen the warehouse space to 1000 square metres of high storage trailers. A new building of offices rises in Wrocław. The copartnership launches its new system which enables integration of resources and option to count multiple currencies together. A company's strategy of development intends to build further offer of products, such as peripheral products and software. The company now cooperates with CANON, HP and Microsoft.



As a result of the dynamic development of the company the management decides to hire twice as many employees. MGM S.A. now cooperates with WD, SAMSUNG, ASUS, KINGSTON  and GIGABYTE.



We’ve dynamically improved our sales of computer components and had opened new offices in Wrocław. We start to export on the east, our offer of products is extending widely.
There are new products by Intel (CPU) and Seagate (HDD) which are now in distribution.



MGM has received the status of AMD Platinum Partner. In the result of fast sales, we extend our products offer.



MGM starts in Warsaw. At the beginning, we established cooperation with Spire and we received the status of Spire’s sales representative in Poland. The company began sales of AMD processors and has started cooperation with AMD and ATI.